Tax Computation

To compute your personal income tax

Add your income from all sources, less the consolidated relief/allowance ( i.e. 200,000.00 + 20% of gross income ). The balance is to be taxed after removing all statutory deductions applicable to such taxpayer as listed below:



  • Contribution to pension
  • Contribution to National Housing Fund
  • National Health Insurance Scheme
  • Life Assurance Premium
  • Gratuities


The balance is taxed using the following method:


The first 300,000.00 7%
Next 300,000.00 11%
Next 500,000.00 15%
Next 500,000.00 19%
Next 1,600,000.00 21%
Above 3,200,000.00 24%






The tax as computed above is compared to a minimum tax of 1% of gross income; whichever is higher is the tax payable.

Visit any of the BIRS tax offices to get further information on your personal income tax.

You may also instantly compute your tax here